Zooey Deschanel

From weird, to quirky, to high-fashion. Zooey Deschanel is has stolen our hearts with her uniqueness. Love her or hate her, you might be surprised to learn Zooey Deschanel wasnt always a quirky muse. Let us take a look at her journey from mom jeans to parasols to tambourines!

When we said we were starting at the beginning, we meant the very beginning. Here, a bright-eyed, 21-year-old Zooey Deschanel is seen looking like an average joe, or jane, yet still obviously gorgeous. Shes at a premiere – for the movie Snatch – but shes not exactly dressed to the nines. Some loose jeans, a big coat, a one-shoulder shirt (the equivalent of a t-shirt for any female in the early 2000s) — younger Zooey has not yet discovered the wonders of vintage-reproduction dresses and large Ray-Ban glasses.

Later in the year, at an industry screening of Hannibal, Zooey exhibits her first, vague hint of quirky. Lets say she was “quirk-curious” in this slightly vintage silhouette.
By 2002, Zooey had decided that full vintage was the way to go at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. While she had definitely embraced her inner vintage at this point, she was more Gatsby and less quirky.


Here, Zooey went full-on Pan Am Flight Attendant Barbie in this photo snapped with Jennifer Aniston. (Is it us, or does Jen look surprised by Zooeys outfit?) Between the blonde hair and retro hat, one might not even notice the dreamy 60s Barbie coat! In our opinion, shes definitely experimenting with quirk.
By the summer of 2003, “quirky” was definitely a part of Zooeys vocabulary. Parasol much?

And by 2005, Zooeys quirk had developed a bit more refinement, which is the hallmark of her current look.

Zooey Deschanels high-fashion quirk began to flourish in 2007. The pastel cocktail dress, the black tights, the ballet flats…All she needs is some transparent horn-rimmed glasses. Shes the perfect manic, pixie, dream girl!

By 2008, she was half of the music duo She & Him. A color coordinated, vintage inspired outfit? A tambourine? Do we even spy a friendship bracelet?

Fast forward to today, and shes still quirky as ever! Shes made light of it on SNL, starring in a skit entitled “Bein Quirky with Zooey”  in which the phrase “my soul was born in 1901” was used.