Will Ferrell Hosts SNL Tonight And The Promos Are Hilarious! (Videos)

We're excited for SNL tonight: Host Will Ferrell and musical guest, Chris Stapleton. You can chat about it on Spoilit Spoilit.

Firstly, did you know that Spoilit as an innovate messaging app were you can chat about your favorite TV shows and chat with other fans. Second, we are pumped for SNL tonight because Will Ferrell is hosting.

Will Ferrell is an SNL Icon! While some my friends say that he over acts and “mugs for the camera,” I think that he represents SNL at its best – loud, brash, attention grabbing, and unapologetic. I place him among the best of SNL’s cast members. He might even be on SNL’s Mt. Rushmore. Most of his characters are both beloved and recurring – Craig Buchanan (the high school cheerleader), Robert Goulet, Harry Caray, President Bush, Alex Trebek, and James Lipton — these are just a few. We might see some of these characters tonight or if we are lucky, all of them. Whatever Will does, we are expecting a memorable night. As a bonus, we’ve got Grammy winner and 2018 nominee Chris Stapleton performing tonight as well. Jump into the Spoilit app and let us know if you’re excited for SNL tonight! Tap this link (http://m.spoilit.com/invite/EP000037101086), and you’ll be placed right into the Spoilit’s SNL chat where you can place comments about SNL before, during and after the show!

Will Ferrell, apparently being annoyed by.... himself

SNL: Will Ferrell Promo

Will Ferrell's SNL Audition

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