Why Guys Should Watch HBO’s ‘Girls’

Watch out, boys — 'Girls' is here.

If you were ever on the Internet during the first season of HBO’s ‘Girls’, you’ll know it was the source of a lot of criticism, including some premature, unfair comparisons to ‘Sex in the City.’ But with abortion clinic parties, horrifying fashion choices, and the most awkward sex scenes in the history of ever, ‘Girls’ is truly unlike anything you’ve seen on television. It’s not meant to represent every twenty-something gal’s experience in the city. Amid all the excitement around having a new show to criticize, some forgot that the purpose of this particular one is to be funny. And funny it is.

Don’t believe us? Let’s just examine a few moments…

Still not convinced? Check out this clip from the second episode:

If the male readers aren’t convinced (we’ll admit, that clip was a little “ladies”-focused), we’ve got good news for you. The three leading men on this show get more and more screen-time as the show goes on. An old boyfriend who turns gay, a 31-year-old “loser” who turns his life around, and Adam, a man who builds “things and stuff” (and drinks a lot of milk).

And if that still doesn’t have you convinced, the sheer combination of Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture humor with Judd Apatow’s sensibilities (not to mention HBO’s approval of this whole shindig) should really have you ready to jump on this bandwagon.

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