The Walking Dead 100th Episode Explained

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1 was the #1 show on television last weekend, but fans where pissed and confuse by the non-linear storytelling. Here's our explanation of what happened last Sunday.

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Last Sunday’s highly-anticipated episode of the The Walking Dead was told in a series of non-linear scenes. Yes, it was still a great episode, but some fans watching live on Spoilit thought that the non-linear storytelling was confusing, and at times distracting. Other fans thought that mixing up the timeline skillfully teased possible future events, which made them excited for S8:E2.
Although S8:E1 episode was complicated, we’ve broken it down to make it simple to help you get prepared for S8:E2. Here’s our linear breakdown of The Walking Dead’s 100th episode.
  1. Alexandria, The Hilltop, and The Kingdom plan an attack against Negan and they forge their weapons. For ease of reference, we will call this group “Rick’s coalition” or “the coalition.” At this point we also think that Rick is off scouting and murdering one of Negan’s lookouts.
  2. Next, Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel gave pre-battle speeches to the coalition, and Ezekiel, as usual, sounded like a character in “Braveheart.” (Side question, what did “King Ezekiel” do for work before the zombie apocalypse? Was he an H&R Block accountant by day, and an improv actor by night? Hard to say, but he’s awkwardly Shakespearean for literally no reason and we want to know why.)
  3. While the soaring pre-battle speeches were happening, some members of Rick’s coalition were off killing various saviors (who were working as lookouts in the area). We couldn’t help but notice that all of these murders happened with a speed and ease normally reserved for CW superhero dramas.
  4. Other members of Rick’s coalition (Carol, Morgan, Daryl, Tara) were absent from the pre-battle speeches because they were setting up a series of explosive devices that ultimately led the army of walkers to Negan. It wasn’t obvious what this ballistics team was doing until the middle of the episode, which added to the drama.
  5. Next, after the speechifying ended, Rick and Maggie led a team to the sanctuary to persuade Negan to surrender. This scene was reminiscent of every fantasy movie where two fictional Kings ride into the middle of an empty battle field to persuade each other to “bend the knee,” or some such. Obviously, Negan did not bend the knee. Instead, Negan tried to intimidate Rick and then Rick proceeded to shoot up the sanctuary. Negan managed to evade all of the submachine gun fire because his bullet-ducking game is apparently strong. This negotiation with Negan, and the subsequent shoot out (where no one dies), was a diversion tactic set up by the coalition.
  6. The real plan was for Daryl to detonate the bomb blasts set up by the ballistics team in a sequence designed to lead the walkers to Negan’s sanctuary. The coalition essentially weaponized the walkers, turning them into a calvary, and Daryl led that calvary right into the sanctuary – causing mass chaos.
  7. Other coalition members (including Carol and Morgan) work on taking out more of Negan’s men on another urban battle field — these ‘Negan henchman’ had left the sanctuary (in, what appeared to be, several late model ‘low riders’) to investigate the source of the explosions.
  8. Meanwhile, Negan and the Saviors are literally running for their lives at the sanctuary to escape the walkers that Daryl led through the gates.
  9. While Negan is fleeing the Walkers, he gets pinned down by gun fire from the coalition. Regarding Negan, no one says, “protect the King.” He’s alone in the world running for his life.
  10. As the walkers overtake the Sanctuary, the coalition retreats to plan phase 2 of the war. We have not yet seen phase 2.
  11. Gabriel stays behind to try to rescue Gregory. Gregory ends up stealing Gabriel’s car, essentially leaving Gabriel behind to die at the hands of the walkers.
  12. As Gabriel scampers to find somewhere to hide, he inadvertently walks into a trailer where Negan is hiding. Negan immediately suggests to Gabriel that he change his trousers (“I hope you got your sh*tting pants on. Cause you’re about to sh*t yourself.”).
  13. The open questions are:
    Whether the scenes of Rick as an old man (living in peace with Michonne, Carl, and a young girl) were hallucinations, a aspirational vision that Rick was using to keep himself alive and motivated, or scenes from the future after the war?
    Whether the scenes where Rick appears to be standing over a couple of fresh graves are from the past, present, or future – and we don’t know who is in those graves?
    We do not know how many of Negan’s men have died at the hands of the walkers.
    We do not know if Gabriel soiled himself in front of Negan. This is a very important question.
    Regarding the scenes where Rick is old, we think that it was a vision that Rich was using for motivation. Check out the video below to learn why.

What do you guys think of this recount? Did we miss anything?

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Rick, Carl, and Michonne discuss their survival strategy.

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