Top Ten TV Mothers (We All Want!)

TV Mothers - Making real mothers look worse and worse everyday.

Top Ten TV Mothers


We love them like our own…and theyve probably spent about as much time raising us! The best TV mothers are both real and idealised, a window on struggles of motherhood wrapped in a fantasy of what would happen if life didnt get in the way. Heres the top 10…your momma!

10. Estelle Costanza, Seinfeld


Her inability to laugh and crazed shouting matches with husband Frank might have turned George into a high-functioning sociopath, but when push came to shove Estelle was willing to sell herself to keep her son out of jail! And George had no delusions: My mother always said Im not special.

9. Lois, Malcolm In The Middle

Mothers 1

With four boys whose only goal in life was to make hers miserable, Lois had to turn tyrant and bellow in her town-crier shout more times than we can count (Ill leave it someone on the internet to do that!). It was, however, always done out of love and protection!

8. Claire Dunphy, Modern Family


Never unwilling to learn about herself (at least when the sappy voiceover plays at the end!), Claire has a trial-and-error approach to parenting…with an emphasis on the error part! She has an extra child to parent in husband Phil, a crazy mother and a stepmother her own age. No wonder!

7. Sophia Petrillo, The Golden Girls

Mothers 2

Picture it…Sicily! As a daughter, you’re happy she’s on your side. As a daughter’s ex-boyfriend, you’re turning the ignition a little slower every day (yeah, that was car-bomb joke). A fearsome maternal presence disguised as the old lady from Tweetie-Pie, Sophia will fight in your corner to the death, and then turn around and fight you.

6. Laura Petrie, The Dick Van Dyke Show


A devoted suburban housewife, Laura gave up her dancing career to raise a family (and stop Rob from bumping into things!) but given the chance she would always return to vaudeville, particularly when it got Rob out of a jam, and she never let her husband get the better of her!

5. Lily Munster, The Munsters

Mothers 3

A mother has to present a façade of a normal family to the world…even when theyre a bunch of freaks and monsters! As such, Lily was more concerned about her beautiful blonde niece Marilyns ability to fit into society than her family of werewolves, vampires and…whatever the hell Herman is!

4. Claire Huxtable, The Cosby Show


Claire was living proof that mothers could have it all! She looked after her children while holding down a job as a lawyer, and still found time to have a sex life with husband Cliff (though only during commercials!). She would always stand up to sexism, even from her in-laws!

3. Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

Mothers 4

Marge has miraculously managed to hold together a family consisting of a wayward son, a frustrated genius daughter, a mute baby and a…well, Homer! Shes often done it at the expense of her sanity…and hair. She spoils her family just the right amount, and never loses love for them, somehow!

2. Carmela Soprano, The Sopranos


Carmela was never too proud to learn from her husband Tonys mob rule in ensuring her children the best possible lives. She threatened a prominent lawyer with ricotta pie to get her daughter into the best college and slept with her son’s college adviser to help him pass high school.
Roseanne Conner, Roseanne
Mothers 5

Never has motherhood been portrayed with such gritty honesty, and comedian Barr apparently had a few things to teach the Ivy League writers about how to parent on a budget! Roseanne was never less than loving, even as she harangued and insulted her children and husband every chance she got.