Top 5 Female TV Characters

Peggy Olson, One of The Best Power Brokers In The Business

Top 5 Female TV Characters

1. Olivia Pope

She can make anything happen, runs with the most powerful people in the world, and sleeps with the POTUS. Along with her gladiator-populated firm, she solves literally any crisis for any client all while never spilling her coffee or wine on her perfectly tailored white blazers.

2. Peggy Olson

After (and throughout) her transition into the latter half of the 60s (and into a much better haircut…just sayin’) Peggy Olson became one of the most relatable career women and one of the most realistically brave females on television today. She’s in a top position at an esteemed advertising firm, and we get to see exactly how she got there (and exactly how she handles it). She makes mistakes, she makes some insanely infuriating choices, and she’s human. That’s better than any “strong female character” who just can throw a few punches in a Hollywood movie. She’s Peggy Olson, and that’s all she needs to be to make us love her.

3. Selina Meyer

While we’re always a fan of my Seinfeld, nothing compares to Selina in VEEP. She offers a great look into the overly-ambitious, and the show offers great commentary with rolling-on-the-floor laughs along the way.

4. Claire Underwood

She’s got Presidential credentials, a perfectly kempt pixie cut, and a coolness that gives viewers goosebumps. With or without Frank Underwood it seems that nothing in Washington can stop her.

5. Leslie Knope


Another relatable, successful woman. From Day 1 in the pilot episode, she can fall down into ditches and call flowers ”Ludacrises” and we can still fall head over heels in love with her. She’s so passionate it’s endearing. Paired with Amy Poehlers spot-on comedic timing, you really can’t ask for anything more.