Top 3 Shows to Watch This Fall

Selfie, A Guilty Pleasure To Which You Must Click

Top 5 Shows to Watch This Fall

1. Gotham

The highly anticipated Fox series Gotham will center around the backstories of all the DC Comics villains. The trailer features some stunning visuals, so lets hope they can get the Fox network back on track.

2. Selfie

Featuring Doctor Who darling Karen Gillan, we have an inkling that this show is going to be much better than the trailer. Featuring a selfie-loving narcissist in training to be a normal, well-adjusted human being, the show definitely has potential for at least a few laughs, and at most a witty commentary.

3. A to Z


Yes, youve probably seen a commercial for this every time you watch TV or log into Youtube, and yes the trailer looks a touch cheesy, but there is WAY too much potential to ignore. With Mad Mens Ginsberg and exec producers like Rashida Jones, theres something about this comedy that we just know will give it that depth were hungry for. With all the rom-com and black flash elements, its definitely a show that has the potential to fill the How I Met Your Mother-shaped hole in your heart.

What other shows are you looking forward to this Fall of 2014? Comment below to agree or disagree with our list here.