The Most Unlikely TV Couples to Ever Happen

What were the writers thinking?

Sometimes it feels like TV writers draw lots to see which character will end up with which. Many of our favourite shows have at their heart the oddest couples you’ll see outside of a YouTube animal channel. Here are some of the least plausible couples on TV — that somehow, above all odds, make it work.

Homer and Marge Simpson (‘The Simpsons’)

Homer is greedy, self-centred and oafish, while Marge is selfless, giving and polite. They had a shotgun marriage (in fact, it was the name of the chapel they had the ceremony in) and they’ve broken up more times than Barney has burped. But Homer and Marge will never split for good because they always do the right thing when it comes down to it — like returning a prize-winning fish to the water or getting Weird Al Yankovic to serenade the other pizza song parodies.

Couples 1

Mitch and Cam (‘Modern Family’)

Not just an unlikely couple because they never seem to kiss (thank you, Disney-owned ABC) but because their temperaments (and levels of flamboyance) are completely at odds. Cam’s loud, dramatic diva-strops are definitely on the opposite end of the spectrum from Mitch’s reserved, buttoned-down repression. But when it comes to keeping up a charade, or bitching about their friends, they’re completely (and scarily) in sync. It just goes to show that all a couple needs to survive is a hobby… or a victim.

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Tony and Carmela Soprano (‘The Sopranos’)

Aside from the Flintstones thing they’ve got going on, the New Jersey Mob it-couple rarely connect over money, beliefs and morality, and survive only by pleading the fifth on their extra-marital activities. What keeps them together despite it all is their shared talent for exploiting other people. Whether its Tony’s bankrupting of a family friend or Carmela sleeping with her son’s teacher, they both know how to get what they want from the world around them through fear and sex (or both).


Tobias and Lindsay Funke (‘Arrested Development’)

He’s in the closet and she’s promiscuous — so how does it work? Well, it doesn’t, and were not really sure how Maeby was conceived. So good is the writing on ‘Arrested Development’ that the show was never willing to write them off as a couple, and never suggested that they were deliberately sabotaging the marriage. And so dysfunctional are couples in the sitcom anyway that Tobias and Lindsey are not even the least believable of them all.

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