5 TV Shows That Were Just As Good As The Books

"The book is always better" — except in the case of these five TV shows.

If you want to find out what Hollywood’s done with the latest bestseller (or if you’re just too lazy to have read it in the first place) you go to the movies. However, some stories — with their long and elaborate plots — are better off unfolding on the small screen. If you avidly devour any of these shows, it’s worth check out the book as well. Chances are it’s just as great.

5. True Blood

HBO’s vampire-werewolf drama was derived from Charlaine Harris’ novel series ‘The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries’, which is probably why the show plays out like a gory version of a ‘Nancy Drew’ book. It is generally agreed upon that the TV version outperforms the books, but it had a lot to go on.

4. The Walking Dead

AMC’s zombie drama is based on the graphic novel series of the same name, which is still running (though way ahead of the TV version). From time to time, they overlap, but the TV characters, especially the villains, tend to be more sympathetic. It’s an emo makeover of the comic.

3. Boardwalk Empire

The inspiration for HBO’s (second) New Jersey-set gangster epic was Nelson Johnson’s non-fiction history of prohibition-era Atlantic City through mobster Enoch ‘Nucky’ Johnson. The fictional TV version is a little lighter on the historical side than its source material, but it captures the excitement and danger of the period perfectly.

2. Justified

‘Riding the Rap; was originally adapted from merely two short stories by pulp author Elmore Leonard. Leonard resumed writing about Marshal Raylan Givens once the FX western cop show had aired, using storylines from episodes in Season Two. It eventually became his final novel Raylan. A case of art imitating, well… art.

1. Game of Thrones

The so-good-they-initialled-him-twice fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin penned ‘Song of Fire And Ice,’ the series that has formed the basis HBO’s most precious commodity. ‘Game of Thrones’ dominates the airspace with its sex, murder and drama-infused episodes and is helping a new fanbase find Martin’s work. Needless to say, neither Martin nor HBO will be done with the series for a while — which basically means no character will ever be safe.

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