The Definitive Sherlock Holmes Lookbook

Let’s study The Definitive Sherlock Holmes Lookbook. Let the drooling begin.

Ladies swoon and gentlemen applaud. Passersby stare at the sight of him. These things could be said about Sherlock Holmes in the BBC’s modern adaptation of Sherlock, or about Benedict Cumberbatch himself. Either way you spin it, we all know we find them attractive for more than just the Sherlock hat. Let’s study The Definitive Sherlock Holmes Lookbook. Let the drooling begin.

The Elusive Scarf

Sherlock’s popular scarf is credited to a vintage find, but we say any cashmere, navy scarf will do. If you want to stay warm as you solve crimes with your high-functioning sociopath mind, look no further.

The Coat of Dreams

No matter what the season, it always seems to be just cold enough for the unofficial detective to wrap up in his beloved coat. We can’t blame the showrunners — that popped-up lapel may be pretentious, but damn us if it isn’t delectable. Sherlock’s signature deep grey coat is apparently made of 100% Irish wool, but anything off of the latest London Fashion Week runway may give you your Cumberbatch-fix.

High-Street Shirts

Some may be shocked to find that the signature Sherlock shirt is one of the most expensive on the show — a Dolce-and-Gabbana original. If you watch some episodes closely, you may be able to spot a subtle lilac pinstripe. Perfect for impressing Sherlock’s arch-enemy brother, or for winning back the affections of Dr. Watson in Season 3, this shirt embodies all the luxurious aspects of Holmes’ life.

Leather Goodies

Sherlock wouldn’t be caught dead without his gloves (literally… He was caught dead with his gloves squarely on fleek). Next time you’re tempted to walk outside without a pair, do the right thing and reach for some leather-and-wool finger-cozies — you’ll never know when you won’t want to leave a fingerprint.

Modern vs. Vintage: The Suit Battle

Thin-notched lapel, uncuffed sleeves and tapered trousers — all modern aspects of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock’s signature suit. So, where is this distinctly  vintage vibe coming from? Turns out, an ultra-fine cloth is used to give it a less structured, more worn feel. Not to mention, it’s flattering on slimmer bodies (you may have noticed Benedict falls squarely under this umbrella).

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