The Definitive Ranking of Boyfriends on ‘Gilmore Girls’

So many men.

#8 Jason

Four words: he sued the Gilmores. Oh, and let’s not forget his many unwelcomed, drunk stumbles into Lorelai’s life after that. So… to the bottom of the list he goes.

#7 Max
We recognize that there are a select few Max lovers out there. Unfortunately, the rest of us hate him. What a snoozefest. #SorryNotSorry

#6 Dean
He started out good, then went to — not a bad — but a definitive “meh.” Being the lovesick, needy puppy dog that he was, he broke up with Rory because she wasn’t ready to say “I love you” just a couple months into the relationship. And then there was the whole marrying-the-dumb-blonde-girl-then-cheating-on-her-thing, which didn’t exactly go over well with us.

#5 Jess

Jess was on-par with Rory as far as book-smarts went. But his teen angst and lack of maturity didn’t exactly make him the prime candidate for the top of anyone’s list. As much as we all think we love a bad boy, it’s not so fun when he’s actually treating his girlfriend like dirt.

#4 Doyle
Yale Daily News editor-in-chief (and the distinct opposite of Jess), Doyle was a perfect match for Paris. Move over, elderly esteemed professor.

#3 Jamie
Jamie was basically the most perfect human being to walk the Gilmore Girl earth. But his character was only used to showcase how much Paris can screw things up. Sigh.

#2 Christopher

Chris would have been the perfect soulmate for Lorelai if it hadn’t been for his lack of parenting abilities. But, alas, that’s a pretty big factor when it comes to gettin’ it in with the Gilmore Girl herself.

#1 Luke

Luke was arguably just as much of a parent to Rory as Christopher was. He patiently waited for the girl of his dreams for seasons and seasons… erm, we mean years and years. His one and only flaw was not shouting out a big ol’ “Yes!” when Lorelai gave him the famous marriage ultimatum. But when that’s the worst thing you’ve ever done, you go to straight to your deserved place at the top of the Gilmore Girls boyfriend list.

Who would you rank as #1?