The Definitive Mike Ross Lookbook

Mike Ross is viewed by some as the sidekick. But he certainly doesn't fall behind Harvey Specter when it comes to his flair for fashion.

Mike leans towards simpler and more conservative suits than the firm’s star lawyer, Harvey. But as the show progresses, so does Mike’s sartorial prowess. His style gets undeniably more… how shall we say… boss-like. But between the slick movie references and dramatic arguments, you might have missed it. So, let’s take a thorough look at Mike Ross’ subtle wardrobe metamorphosis.


Mid-Width Tie Victim
Students, get your psychoanalyst caps on, you’re in for a bumpy ride. As we discussed in our Harvey Specter Lookbook, the wider the tie, the bigger the boss. It’s not quite the horror of a skinny tie, but Ross is shown here wearing (what is still woefully) a mid-width tie in a simple knot, as opposed to the Windsor knot that Harvey favors. If Ross wants to run with the big dogs, he has to make a run down to Bergdorf’s and get himself a bigger tie.

Stripes Made to Win

Now this tie on the other hand… Well, let’s just say we should all take notes. Unlike your average striped tie, Mike’s quick and youthful spirit shines through this asymmetrical print tie. By now, Mike knows how to balance an outfit with the perfect statement piece.

Two-Piece Casual
A casual look for Mike Ross means a two-piece suit and a tie clip. Here, he’s seen clean, simple, and the girl-next-door of lawyers (in a good way).

Three-Piece Business

As the show moves forward, so does Mike. You know what that means. Drum roll please… vests. And lots of them. Check out the gorgeous fabric details of Mike’s jacket. Meanwhile, the vest is a plain black, making the whole look just a touch chic-er than we’re used to seeing. In fact, this look is so gorgeous we figured we’d finish it all off with another picture for the folks at home. Stay minimalistic, Mike Ross (just not too much).