The Definitive Harvey Specter Lookbook

Let's just admit it: everyone wants to look like Harvey Specter.

Jon Hamm is to Hollywood as Harvey Specter is to ‘Suits.’ Yet Harvey’s irresistible fashion choices are elusive — how can we, the folks at home, possibly start dressing like this legendary lawyer? Let’s get down to business suits and study The Definitive Harvey Specter Lookbook below to find out.

You Know You’re Harvey Specter When…
… your go-to outfit is a three-piece suit. Yes, that is a vest, and yes, he looks good in it. And you can, too. Just take cues from Harvey Specter’s other inspirational looks below.


“Get Your Skinny Tie Out of My Face and Get To Work!”


Remember that line? Harvey Specter likes his ties decadent, embellished, and far from skinny. We challenge you to watch an entire season of ‘Suits’ and find a scene when Harvey isn’t wearing a tie adorned with paisley or plaid. Harvey Specter is fighting the good fight against plain, solid ties, and we can commend that. (Sidenote, can we just talk about how Harvey makes pinstripes look modern here? Viewers, take note.)


The Solid Tie Shock

This promotional ‘Suits’ poster is utterly disgraceful for one reason and one reason only — that solid tie. Rarely would Harvey Specter be caught dead in such a thing. He only breaks out the unembellished ties for a truly momentous occasion — or for a color blocking experiment like…


Grayscale Colorblocking
Want to experiment with color blocking, but the office has got you down? We know you wouldn’t be caught dead participating in casual Friday. So, instead take it back a notch, monochrome style. Check out Harvey’s tie above — just the right amount of white and gray peeking through. We love it.


The World’s Largest Lapel
And the award goes to…. Harvey Specter, for making this outfit actually work. Let’s dissect. A change from Specter’s normal pinstripe suit, the solid jacket fabric works well with the pinstripe shirt and darker, solid vest. The deep maroon tie functions as an arrow, focusing our attention (as if we needed any prompting) on that incredible jawline. And, hello lapels. Not to mention, the triple-threat-pocket-situation going on here. Somehow, it all works.