The Best TV Shows That Never Got Made

Bummer ... these shows could have had some success.

The Best TV Shows That Never Got Made

There are many one-season wonders and a host of cancelled pilots, but some shows would consider themselves lucky to have even got to that stage! We seem to have been deprived of some TV gems, and often for pretty lame reasons. Before we get into our list, just a reminder to download our cool app where you can chat with other TV aficionados about your favorite shows: . It’s free!

Here’s a list of the best there never was:

Criminal Justice


HBO’s adaptation of the British legal drama was to star James Gandolfini but the actor died after filming the pilot. The episode will not be shown, and though it continues with John Turturro (not Robert DeNiro as first thought), the loss of another Gandolfini-led HBO series is a mighty one!

Day One


A post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama from Heroes producer Jesse Alexander and Fringe director Alex Graves that kept getting shrunk down from a full-order series to a TV movie…and then never aired! The story of survivors of a cataclysm that destroys modern infrastructure, we think we would have preferred it to Revolution!

The IT Crowd


A US remake of the British geek comedy made sense since it always felt more like a classic American studio sitcom. And with actor Richard Ayoade reprising his role and Joel McHale added to the cast, it couldve worked. But NBC did not green light it. The pilot is on Dailymotion!

Untitled Louis C.K. CBS Project

Mad 1

This is probably the most foetal of the bunch…but that just makes it all the more intriguing! In 2012, comedian Louis C.K. announced he would write a CBS sitcom pilot with Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten. It would have been interesting to see what C.K. would do with a network sitcom. Louis C.K. probably isn’t writing much of anything but apology notes at the moment.