The Best Amazon Prime Originals

Amazon has really stepped up their game with these hit shows.

Netflix is not the only internet video service to have moved successfully into original programming. Amazon Prime streams several great series, selected with a little help from their customers who get to vote on which shows should get picked up based on the pilot episodes.

‘Alpha House’


While a sitcom about Republican senators sharing a house in Washington sounds deathly dull, it’s actually a wickedly sharp satire on government from political cartoonist Garry Trudeau with plenty of laughs. The cast, including John Goodman and Clark Johnson, is unimpeachable, and it’s way cooler than the politicians it portrays.



Easily as good as anything HBO would produce on the subject, this comedy-drama about a transgender middle-aged father of three coming out to his family is beautifully done, but thankfully never sappy nor melodramatic. Gut-wrenchingly real performances from Jeffrey Tambor and Gaby Hoffman stand out, but so does the show’s tone-perfect writing.



Demonstrating that internet companies can be just as ruthless as networks, Amazon has cancelled this sitcom about dating app developers in California. The writing alone should have taken ‘Betas’ to a second season, but the show was unlucky to find itself against several other TV shows about tech people. The silver lining is that you can binge on and regurgitate Season 1, at least.