8 Great Actors Who Should Win an Emmy

How have these awesome actors never won an Emmy?

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8 Great Actors Who Have Never Won An Emmy.


With the same few names winning year upon year at The Emmys (how many times do we have to recognise Jim Parsons for being a convincing nerd?!), it seems like a lot of the best actors are missing out on the awards they deserve. Here are several who are unbelievably Emmyless!
Steve Carell

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6 times nominated for The Office, for which he won a Golden Globe, Carell was never recognised for one of the most multi-layered performances in sitcom history. Perhaps Carell will have the last laugh at this years Oscars, if the hype surrounding his performance in Foxcatcher is to be believed.
Jason Alexander

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After 7 supporting actor nominations for his role as unlovable schemer George Costanza in Seinfeld, the Television Academy yada-yadad Alexander when it came to opening the envelope. Perhaps the most revolutionary character to ever appear in a sitcom, failing to recognise Alexander was simply standing in the way of progress.

Matt LeBlanc

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Joey Tribiani was one of the best TV characters of the 90s, but Im not even complaining about the actor being snubbed for that performance! His self-portrayal in industry sitcom Episodes lays into his image without any regard for his own vanity. Maybe the Television Academy just don’t get irony.

Hugh Laurie, 57, as been nominated an astonishing 7 times for his role in House, and once for his role in The Night Manager, but he’s never taken home the prize. We’re convinced that the day that he decides not show up, he’ll win.

Katey Sagal


The Married with Children actress (and voice artist extraordinaire!) never won even when she and Ed ONeill owned the airwaves!. Sagal would, of course, deserve it far more as motorarch Gemma Morrow in biker drama Sons of Anarchy. Can somebody give her an Emmy before she plots the Academy’s deaths?

George Clooney


Ok, so theres no shortage of awards in the Clooney household, but it’s still baffling that the actor never won an Emmy for his performance as bobble-headed maverick Dr. Doug Ross in ER, given the star it made him. Maybe it was a case of one failed pilot too many.
David Duchovny

The X-Files star deserves an Emmy for stamina alone (not the kind he has in Californication, though!) given how long he’s been a mainstay of primetime television. Its surprising as Duchovny always had a unique performance style that could never be imitated or repeated (Ryan Gosling is still trying, however).

Angela Lansbury

The Murder She Wrote star earned a record 12 Emmy nominations in the role of Jessica Fletcher but never won once. That does just seem vindictive. Looks like Jessica secretly killed all those people for nothing (come on, you know its the truth…why is she always at the murder scene?).

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