Stranger Things on Saturday Night Life is Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to See

SNL put on a skit about this past weekend about "Stranger Things," and it’s everything we wanted to see.

Stranger Things, one of the most popular television series of 2016, is a show about a series of strange incidents that occur which lead to the disappearance of a child. The peaceful community of this small town turns into a dark, peculiar mood and more strange events occur.

Saturday Night Live produced a skit this past weekend about the show, and it’s everything we’ve ever wanted to see. We are introduced, finally, to Lucas’ parents and they put a stop to him spending so much time with Mike, Dustin and Eleven.

I have to say that Kate McKinnon played an excellent Eleven. Other cast members in this episode are Sasheer Zamata, Kyle Mooney, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Jones, and Kenan Thompson. What a great cast.

Who wants the cast of Stranger Things to host Saturday Night Live? I know I do!

Did you miss the cast of Stranger Things on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon?

Catch the full clips below!

Stranger Things with the Kids of Stranger Things:

The Stranger Things Kids Rehash That Kissing Scene:

Barb Returns to “Stranger Things”:

What are your thoughts on Stranger Things? Tell us who your favorite character is below!

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