Sterling K. Brown Makes History As Best Actor, But Was More Excited When His Squad Won for Best Ensemble Cast

Check out Sterling K. Brown's reaction when his hit TV show "This Is Us" takes the SAG Award for Outstanding Ensemble Cast. The NBC star was gleeful.

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Secondly, and more importantly, Sterling K. Brown made history when he became the first black actor to win the Screen Actors Guild Award (SAG Award) for Outstanding Actor in a TV Drama. However, Brown was way more excited for the “This Is Us” ensemble to win Outstanding Cast in a Drama Series than he was for his individual honor. He explained his excitement in his post-show comments to the press.

“My cast has been so generous in celebrating me and this wonderful journey that I’ve been on and tonight we get a chance to celebrate each other to celebrate together. This is the dream. We were all waiting for them to say, The Handmaids Tale and we were all waiting to politely and deservedly say, ‘The Handmaids Tale is dope.’ But, when they called our network television drama…None of these other shows look like us. And we get a chance to come, and we won? This is a very special night.”

This Is Us beat out The Crown, Game of Thrones, The Handmaids’ Tale, and Stranger Things, all of which are cable or streaming-service productions. Milo Ventimiglia gave an impassioned speech on behalf of the cast of This Is Us. Both Brown’s comments to the press and Ventimiglia speech are below.

Sterling K. Brown Reacts to 'This Is Us' SAG Awards Win

Milo Ventimiglia gives moving acceptance speech on behalf of the cast.

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