Spoilit Sports: NBA Finals Game 1 Analysis, Game 2 Predictions

About 72 hours ago the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavilers by a 22 point margin. Only 8 times in history has a Finals Game 1 been decided by more than 20 points.

Game 1 was a dunk fest from the tip off. The Warriors had 11 dunks in the first half, which is more than any other team in a first half in the NBA Finals in 20 years.

Regarding points in the paint, the Warriors had 56 points and the Cavs only had 30. The team with the most points in the paint has won 7 of the last 8 NBA finals.  On Turnovers: the Warriors had 4 and the Cavs had 20. The Warriors’ 4 turnover statistic is tied for the fewest ever in an NBA finals.

Other notable stats, the Warriors are 31-0 when they score more than 25 fast-break points. The Warriors are 22-0 when they score 35 points in the 1st quarter. The Warriors are 13-1 when they have 10 or fewer turnovers.

Obviously, if the Cavs intend to win Game 2 they need to stop the Warriors from dominating the paint, interrupt the fast break, slow the Warriors down in the first quarter.

If we compare Game 1 of 2017 to the 2016 series: the Warriors won Game 1 by about 15, and the Warriors won Game 2 by 33 points, yet the Cavs prevailed. You can bet that for the past 3 days the Cavs have been looking at tape, so we predict that they will play much better than they did in game 1, but we do not think that they will win Game 2.

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