Spencer Hastings’ Top 8 Outfits on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Not just intellectual-chic — there's more than meets the eye with Spencer Hastings.

At first glance, Spencer Hastings is all riding boots and cashmere. But, up close, there’s a lot more going on. The phrase “it’s all in the details” comes to mind, and we have an inkling Spencer would approve.


The Cut-Out Turtleneck
For those early fall nights when you want to make a statement more than you fear being chilly.

‘Gossip Girl’ Meets ‘Pretty Little Liars’
This is one of those looks that makes us question how a high-schooler has such good fashion sense (this isn’t Blair Waldorf we’re talking about here). Between the French-inspired autumn cape and the leggings worn as pants, we’re delighted by this outfit.

The Blazer Sweater
This slouchy blazer is exactly what a blazer shouldnt be — yet we love every inch of it. It’s perfect for those studying-in-a-coffee-shop-but-still-want-to-look-cute days.

Prep School Chic

Talk about a school girl’s dream outfit. No, the PLL Rosewood school doesn’t have a uniform (or a dress code, it would seem). But Spencer waves her academic flag proudly with these knee-highs.

1960’s Dream Queen

Spencer Hastings, meet Betty Draper. While this silhouette is totally ‘Mad Men,’ the blouse’s print gives it the perfect modern PLL twist.

Sparia Goes Next-Level
That’s right, folks — Spencer Hastings has officially raided Aria’s closet with this statement off-the-shoulder monochrome look.

The Best Colorblocking Ever

Love it or hate it, color blocking is a decades-long trend that shows no signs of backing down. Here is the best example we’ve seen of color blocking done right.

The Shirtdress

While we’re pretty sure Spencer’s entire wardrobe consists of shirtdresses, this is by far the most wearable of the bunch. The denim makes this outfit both long-lasting and modern — the perfect mix between her academic nature and her southern belle flair.

What’s your favorite Spencer Hastings look?