Get Olivia Pope’s Style and Swag with this One Simple Step

Olivia Pope's style and swagger are no secret. Here's how to master it for yourself.

Obtaining Olivia Pope worthy style is not as hard as you may think… Here’s how to do it in one simple step.


You may think it’s all about having glamorous dresses...

and piling on fabulous coats, gloves and handbags...

Sure, having those things can’t hurt. But mostly it’s all about…


You need to wear white.

Wear it to work.

Wear it to work out.

Wear it to events.

Wear it to secret meetings.

You can throw in other colors now and then…

But always return to white.

Wear it inside.

Wear it outside.

Wear it with a hat.

and if you’re feeling a little stressed …

Wear it with wine.

And don’t think twice about…

Wearing it with wine to bed.

So, there you have it — the only thing your wardrobe needs is white (and wine… but never white wine). Consider your closet handled.


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