New Spoilit App Lets You Watch TV With Your Friends When You’re Alone

Our new app, set to launch very shortly, allows you to watch TV with friends even when you're alone.

One of my favorite television shows right now is ‘Silicon Valley’ on HBO, and I try to watch it whenever I can.

Actually, I lied. I’ve seen every episode multiple times, and I’m anxiously awaiting for the 4th season. It’s quite an addiction.

The best part about the show, however, is that most of my friends watch it. The people I hang out with watch it, the people I take classes with watch it, and the people I work with watch it. We’re always sharing stories and referencing Silicon Valley in our conversations. One time our startup team was considering changing names (which we did multiple times), and I recommended someone go on a vision quest. It’s the part of the show where Erich Bachman, the man who runs the incubator that inhabits Pied Piper, goes on a quest in a desert to come up with a new name for the company, since he hates the name ‘Pied Piper.’ It was a joke, because there’s no way any of us are going to down a bag of psychedelics and wander off into the desert for a few days. If you haven’t seen the episode, just watch the clip below.

The problem I’m facing is that I don’t really ever get to watch the show with my friends, since we all tend to be at home when the show is on. I have to wait to talk about the show with them, and often times I forget a lot of things that happened.

The Spoilit app fixes that problem, letting you virtually hangout and connect with your friends from anywhere in the world while the show is on. You can be laying in bed sick, on vacation across the country, and you can still tune in to the app to watch it with your friends. The app creates a new channel for social interaction, an outlet that has never been created before.

The Spoilit app allows any user to login, create an account, and interact with anyone while a show is going on. Comment, connect, and share ideas in real time as the TV show is on. I would love to have my phone open and see what people are saying about ‘Silicon Valley’ as I’m watching the show.

The app is set to be released in the upcoming months, and will cover every television show, 24/7.

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