New “Spoilit” App Crowdsources TV Ratings, as Fans Live Chat About Their Favorite Shows (Video)

Soon TV Fans Will Have the Power to Crowdsource TV Ratings With Their Mobile Phones Using The New Social TV App, Spoilit

Brooklyn, NY – As crowdsourcing becomes more common — from startup funding, to music distribution, to the news — Spoilit Social TV provides a grassroots, crowdsourced alternative to Nielsen TV ratings. With at least 92% of Americans owning mobile phones, Spoilit puts the power of “Crowdsourced TV Ratings” directly into the hands of TV fans.


Spoilit's home page, where TV fans and industry insiders can check stats for trending live TV Shows

How Spoilit Works

For broadcast companies, Spoilit Social TV offers a powerful set of metrics which enables them to demonstrate a nuanced picture of the popularity of their television offerings. But, for TV fans, the app is a new Social Entertainment platform that makes it easy for them to discover well-written shows and chat about them live with other fans. The fan chat activity is what powers the ratings. The more fans chat and react to their favorite TV shows live, the higher ranking a show receives on Spoilit’s homepage.

The homepage features a ranked list of trending live TV shows. Fans check-in to live TV shows (including sports and news) to chat in dedicated comments feeds that disappear after the show is over, similar to Snapchat. Features include the ability to up vote and down vote fan comments, as well as interact with other users, like the successful Imgur app does for photos.

The Value of Crowdsourced TV Ratings to The TV Industry

Currently, live TV ratings are determined by so-called “Nielsen Families” — households that are paid to have their TV-viewing habits monitored by Nielsen Media Research, Inc. (NYSE: NLSN). There are about 20,000 Nielsen Families in America. Essentially, Nielsen Research extrapolates how many people in the entire country are watching your favorite TV shows based on a sample size of 20,000 Nielsen Families. Therefore, Nielsen Families have the power to determine whether a show — probably your favorite show — lives or dies. This can be frustrating for your average person who, as a result, has no voice in the ratings process.

“There will always be a need for Nielsen Families. However, in the crowdsourcing era of tech, there needs to be a reliable crowdsourced solution for TV ratings, in addition to Nielsen,” insists Spoilit’s founder and CEO, Kwabena Abboa-Offei. “While the number of families with Nielsen-made monitoring devices is about 20,000, a crowdsourced solution can have a far greater sample size. Why shouldn’t your smartphone be its own ratings box, complete with sophisticated and layered measurement metrics? Our patent portfolio protects this idea.”


Spoilit's Founder and CEO, Kwabena Abboa-Offei

Spoilit’s metrics will let viewers and broadcasters know (a) who is watching the best shows on TV; (b) why viewers like those shows; (c) which moments fans like in those shows; and (d) other shows that these fans enjoy. That’s the advantage Social Entertainment and Crowdsourced TV ratings have over traditional TV ratings. Moreover, it’s likely that Spoilit’s users will be upwardly mobile, tech-savvy influencers, who are looking to adopt “the next big thing.” The entire platform is a win for fans, networks and advertisers alike.

Abboa-Offei, a former commercial litigation attorney of 11 years, learned about technology-product development while he represented technology sector clients at large firms ‘Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovksy, and Popeo’ and ‘Seyfarth Shaw.’ His design philosophy is that simplicity and utility are the best way to acquire users, and that helping users have fun must be a product’s primary function.

Spoilit's comment feed, where fans can interact with each other, and up vote fan comments, while watching live TV

For Fans, Spoilit Represents A New Category of App — “Social Entertainment”

By using Spoilit, TV fans will be entertained, not only by the TV show, but also by the comments and the fan interaction. Spoilit calls this dynamic, “Social Entertainment.” The goal of Social Entertainment is to cultivate a community of clever, fun and engaged users of all ages, who enhance the television viewing experience for all fans by interacting as a community.

As a fun bonus, the fan comment that receives the most up votes will have their comment pinned to the top of that show’s comment feed as the “Top Post,” encouraging fans to compete for the funniest post about that show. This will ‘gamify’ the TV viewing experience for fans and reward them for bringing their wit to the conversation. In the future, networks can offer rewards to fans with the top post.

“We want TV fans to feel like they are in a dynamic conversation with each other, as opposed to merely posting by themselves and hoping for engagement,” explains Abboa-Offei. “Not only will users share clever opinions and observations while they watch live TV, but every user will have a say in how well their favorite TV show does in terms of ratings. We are looking forward to a future where everyone with a mobile phone has a voice in TV ratings.”

Spoilit’s Future Enhancements

“Currently, Spoilit’s homepage is populated with real time TV-ranking data only,” states Abboa-Offei. “In the future, Spoilit will display historical data of TV rankings, giving fans and industry experts the power to sort through rankings by day, week, month and year. In time, we hope that crowdsourced TV rankings will help all stakeholders by (1) giving all fans more power over whether their favorite shows stay on air, and (2) arming networks with more data to communicate the value of their shows to advertisers.”

In Version 1.0 of the app, Spoilit will rank each show by counting the number of comments and users in the feed for that show. In the next version, Spoilit will analyze keywords in fan comments to understand how fans feel about the shows that they watch, a feature currently in development. Thus, networks will know how fans feel about TV shows, in addition to how many people are watching the show. This gives fans more of a voice and more power.


For further information about Spoilit, contact Kwabena Abboa-Offei.

Phone: 617-838-4637



Twitter: @Spoilit


Instagram: @SpoilitHQ

Video explaining the apps features

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