New Girl’s Schmidt Look-book

THIS is Schmidts suit. He breaks it out for the vast majority of the first few seasons, and why the heck not? Perfectly tailored, cool and blue, whats not to love? Subtle Color Scheme
If you look closely, youll note Schmidt has chosen to wear a shirt – not white, but the lightest possible shade of his tie’s hue. It’s all in the details, my friend.

And lets not forget the time Schmidts suit blended into Ceces couch. Nuff said.
Perfectly Imperfect
Some of our all-time favorite suits are those that, well, arent technically a suit. Wearing a suit jacket and a pair of nice pants is especially great for blending an otherwise loud tie into a look. Not to mention, red is a great color for Schmidt!

No-Tie Fly

Schmidt would probably spend HOURS deciding whether or not to add a tie to this relaxed look, and thats exactly what we love about him.

Fever Pitch
While Schmidt’s presentation (see the swuit below) didnt go as planned, at least his outfit was on fleek. The darkest shades of grey and plum were chosen for Schmidts dark pitch look. We wish he dressed like this more often!

Probably the most iconic of all Schmidt suits, the coveted swuit can only be seen in Season 4, Episode 14. If youre in the middle of a Netflix binge, you wont want to skip this! The culmination of all the ridiculous things Schmidt does AND his well-groomed style have blended into the most hilarious and perfect realization, a requirement for any true New Girl Fan.