Nate Archibald: Why We Love and Hate Him

We both adore and despise this Ken-faced ladykiller.

Nate Archibald, ‘Gossip Girl”s token good boy. Twice as selfless and half as egotistical as the usual CW stud, Nate was always several leagues higher than “Lonely Boy.” The sad thing is, nice guys don’t make for juicy Upper East Side scandal, and Nate’s family spats were just never enough to satiate our appetite for drama. We hate to admit it, but there were times we thought his storylines were a little too snooze-worthy for our liking. So, if you’re in the middle of a ‘Gossip Girl’ re-watch, or if you’re just taking a trip down Memory Lane, we thought we’d remind you of all the reasons to love (and, yes, hate) our good friend Nate.

Why We Love Him:

1. Just the sight of his eerily perfect face conjures up the intoxicating smell of Ralph Lauren aftershave and the glossy prep of a Burberry ad.


Can you smell it?

2. He gave the Brooklyn folk a chance when no one else would.


3. Serena and Nate wore white together, making them truly the whitest couple in all of ‘Gossip Girl.’


4. He was often the show’s voice of reason.


5. He punched basically everyone who needed to be punched in the entire show.


Why We Hate Him:

1. He seriously couldn’t tell the difference between Jenny and Serena.


2. We were supposed to feel bad for him when he was “poor.”


3. His general nice-ness was more than a little yawn-worthy at times.

Let’s not pretend Nate’s business ventures were exciting.

4. Though he was the nicest guy ‘Gossip Girl’ had ever seen, he had quite the tendency to serial date.


5. We were actually supposed to believe he was running for mayor.


If Nate confirms one thing, it’s that ‘Gossip Girl’ is certainly not based on real life.