These GIFs of Nasim Pedrad Explain How We Feel About Fox Cancelling Production On Her New Show

The "Wickedly Talented, One and Only..." Nasim Pedrad

SNL has a long list of amazing modern-era alumni: Mia Rudolph, Seth Meyers, and Fred Armisen, to name a few. One if its best and most versatile alumni is Nasim Pedrad. Fox ordered a show starring Pedrad called, “Chad: An American Boy,” but has decided not to go forward with the show.  The show is being shopped on streaming platforms and cable networks.

Chad: An American Boy was to be about “a 14 year-old Middle Eastern boy (played by Nasim Pedrad, naturally) in the throes of adolescence who finds himself having to act as the man of the house, meaning he gets to act like an adult without any of the fun of being an adult. And yes. Nasim Pedrad is a 34 year-old woman, playing a 14 year-old boy, which is our favorite new thing,” explained E News at the time.

At Spoilit were looking forward to seeing Nasim again, the shock, grief, and other emotions upon hearing of the cancelling can only be summed up with pictures of Nasim.

The disbelief.

what was that

The denial.


The realization that its really happening.

crying 3

The feeling of betrayal.


The Rage.

breaking plates

The acting out.


The fake crying.


But happiness for her and new gigs to come.

all the best

And nothing but love for her.

We hope that Chad: An American Boy will be picked up soon.