Mona Vanderwaal: She Might Be A Liar, But Who Cares, She’s Pretty

Some style tips from the Queen of Mean, Mona Vanderwaal.

From to nerdy to Radley, and everywhere in between, Mona Vanderwaal has been known to use fashion as her power play. When she’s unstyled, she’s raw, to say the least. But when she puts effort into her style, she is on fleek. How does she do it? Let’s jump into Mona Vanderwaal’s top five looks on ‘Pretty Little Liars.’

Periwinkle Beast

Cheetah print can get outdated fast, so we were floored by Mona’s amazing interpretation of the overdone trend. Periwinkle blue? Could it be true? Not to mention, that necklace means business day or night — just like Mona.

Florals For Fall
“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” (Catch the reference?) But these painted denim pants scream autumn afternoon. Très chic, Mona Vanderwaal.

Knee-High Confidence
‘Pretty Little Liars’ has us convinced that knee-high boots are the only way to complete any task with confidence. A little boldness never hurt anyone… Well, except for A’s victims, of course. This outfit is the perfect blend of warm and cool tones for a Rosewood fall outfit.

Cut-Out Prowess
Never has a cut-out so glamorously graced the ABC Family screen. Those colors and that white lining are more than enough to convince us of Mona’s sartorial prowess.

Dress ‘n’ Pants
gb4pUkMfWU6Xh1MaREwl9h2qBFMtCgA5GKttGbnzvYrNWW6AP8.pngThe line between blouse and dress has been increasingly blurred over the years, and Mona’s tunic is no exception. Those tribal leggings are barely even necessary to complete the outfit but, as we know from experience, Mona is nothing if not thorough.