Keegan-Michael Key Paid Von Miller’s Fines

Real NFL players have adopted Hingle McCringleberry's touchdown celebration and Keegan-Michael Key feels obligated to pay the resulting fines.

Keegan-Michael Key came on the Conan Show this week to talk about how a certain incident that’s been occurring in the NFL recently that’s been getting a few players into some trouble

In his show, ‘Key & Peele,’ Keegan-Michael Key played a football player that got fined for doing too many hip thrusts after a touchdown.

And actually, a few NFL players have been doing the same football celebration and actually getting real fines. It’s quite hilarious.

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Keegan-Michael Key also talks with Conan about the time he was able to perform with President Obama as his ‘Angor Translator.’

Here’s the clip of President Obama’s Anger Translator.

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