Getting to Know Ty Burrell, Star of ABC’s ‘Modern Family’

Whether he’s sharing his buzzworthy views on parenting (or “peerenting,” as he so affectionately dubs it), or he’s making his dream of llama ownership come true, it’s no surprise that ‘Modern Family’ keeps getting renewed year upon year with Phil Dunphy at the helm. What is surprising is how long it has taken for actor Ty Burrell to find a vehicle that gives him the popularity he deserves. And, how long it has taken Phil to finally do something about that step.

Thanks to the success of ‘Modern Family,’ Burrell now gets the chance to make hilarious turns in big comedy movies like his forever-vacationing French policeman character in ‘Muppets Most Wanted.’ It has also paved the way for the actor to write and produce his own ABC sitcom with his brother Duncan about their childhood in Oregon. His theatre work on the Broadway and London stages, including classics like Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III,’ is less well-known but no less acclaimed.

It’s heartening that an actor who, for so long, was great in not-so-great stuff (remember the ‘Back To You’? Us, neither) is finally getting material worthy of his talents. But TV gets the best of Burrell. How can you not love something who thinks “WTF” stands for “Why The Face”?

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