Getting to Know Priyanka Chopra, Star of ABC’s ‘Quantico’

Around the globe, actress, singer and model Priyanka Chopra might be known as 2000’s Miss World, but in her native country of India, she’s arguably the silver screen’s most high-profile star. But fame, however big, on merely one continent clearly isn’t enough for Chopra. She’s breaking into the increasingly diverse world of American network television by starring in ABC thriller ‘Quantico’. Since she’s already established in the Bollywood movie and music industries, TV shouldn’t be make this multi-talented starlet bat an eyelash.

Priyanka hosted the Indian version of Fear Factor, has several thrillers under her belt, and won a Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role (in other words, she makes a badass villain).

Crowned Miss World in 2000, only the fifth Indian woman to ever receive the title, Priyanka went on to make her Bollywood feature debut in 2003’s ‘The Hero.’ Despite some early box office failures, she went on to become one of the most bankable actors in Indian cinema. And now she’s headed for the States.

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