Getting to Know Gina Torres, Star of USA’s ‘Suits’

What don’t you know about Gina Torres?

You may know Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson on ‘Suits’, but her badass-ery has been around for a while. From ‘The Matrix’ to ‘Alias,’ Torres has been kicking butts on the silver and small screen for years. Now as the sharp-shooting boss at Pearson Specter Litt and (in our humble opinion) the most powerful female character featured on the USA network, Torres is taking your world by storm. So what don’t you know about her?

Her role on Suits was originally for a man. She’s proud of it, and so she should be.

Gina certainly doesn’t stay away from powerful female leads. But how does she feel about Jessica’s ‘Suits’ character originally being a male?

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