Getting to know Eddie Jemison, from iZombie on The CW

From Ocean's Eleven nerd to iZombie crime boss, Eddie Jamison has range.

With a hi-tech heist plan to execute, someone in the cast of the Ocean’s Eleven
trilogy had to “cut the cool” and bring the nerd. That responsibility fell to Eddie Jemison, who played antisocial technology specialist Livingston Dell throughout the three casino robbery capers. But revenge is best served cold as Eddie turned the tables when he was cast as the dangerous all-city crime lord Stacey Boss (name keeps it simple!) in The CWs comic-book adaptation


Eddie is also known for the HBO series Hung about a suburban high school football coach who turns to male prostitution – think Breaking Bad with sex instead of drugs! He also recurred in TNTs legal dreamed Franklin & Bash and played three different characters in
CSI…though not in the same episode!


Eddie is a veteran of Chicago theater. He performed in “As You Like It” and “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and “A Christmas Carol” at the Goodman Theatre. Louisiana-born Eddie has also made multiple appearances on CBS Late Show with David Letterman
…back when it existed!