Getting To Know Eddie Huang, Star of ABC’s ‘Fresh off the Boat’

‘The Wonder Years’ showed us that a coming-of-age story is pointless without an adult narrator reflecting on the significance of their childhood self’s choices. ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ further demonstrated that it helps if the narrator is the person it all happened to. Thankfully, ABC’s hilarious new sitcom ‘Fresh off the Boat’ learns both these shows’ lessons in making chef, writer and TV personality Eddie Huang the voice-over behind this comedy based on his bestselling memoirs.

It hasn’t been plain sailing between Huang and the show. Despite providing the voice-over — which Eddie sees more as a salvage operation – the restaurateur, writer and presenter has criticized the way his life story has been adapted. He has even admitted on Twitter to not watching the sitcom… or recognizing his life in it.

Huang owns BaoHaus, an acclaimed Taiwanese bun shop in Manhattan, and has been a presenter for various shows on The Cooking Channel before writing his memoir. He may regret selling his book to ABC, but even if his vision for the adaptation has been compromised, the voice-overs still give us his unique perspective.

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