Getting to Know Aly Michalka, Of iZombie On The CW

Aly Michalka, from Disneyland to Zombieland

Everyone has to grow up sometime and for Disney Channel protégé Aly Michalka “zombie life” has cleared her path to TV adulthood. Now playing Peyton Charles in The CW’s zom-com iZombie, Aly has put her teen TV past behind her (if not her teen audience – it’s still The CW, after all!). But Aly’s also a recording artist, and not just a former child star trying to make it on the 16-35 stepping stone.

Aly gained fame after starring in the Disney Channel’s original series “Phil Of The Future” and its movies “Cow Belles” and “Now You See It.” Around the same time, she and sister Amanda formed musical duo 78violet (which is also her email password!) and released albums containing Top 20 singles.

She went on to star in The CW cheerleading drama “Hellcats” and had a recurring role on “Two And A Half Men” before she started hanging out with brain-eaters. From childhood to death in only 10 years of television shows that Aly Michalka is really making her short career count!

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