Getting To Know Adelaide Kane, Star of the CW’s ‘Reign’

The past decade has brought us the widest selection of twenty-something television actresses the world has ever seen. How is a fan expected to choose just a few to follow? After all, we can’t exclusively binge on ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ At some point, we get sick of the reruns and need something certified-fresh to sink our teeth into. Enter ‘Reign,’ the CW’s latest historical drama venture. Now throw ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Neighbors’ actress Adelaide Kane into the mix, and you’ll get something far more interesting than those ‘Dawson’s Creek’ reruns you’ve come to abhor. Check out Kane’s journey below.

Her first break? Power Rangers.

The Australian actress’ “first American gig” was, in fact, might morphin’. “I worked in entertainment since I was about six,’ Kane tells ‘The Movie Blog.’ “Primarily modeling and commercials when I was young, then I got into acting seriously when I was 16. From there, ‘Power Rangers’… made me move to the States.”

“Mary is shagging everyone.”

How does Adelaide describe ‘Reign’’s Season 2? Let’s just say, she’s not holding anything back. “Mary is shagging everyone in the castle,” Kane bluntly tells Entertainment Weekly. “It seems strange to say, but Mary is shagging every kitchen maid in sight… I joke.” Or do you?


Kane hasn’t been slacking or sitting pretty all those years pre-‘Reign.’ “I’ve done low-budget horror, a web series, theater budget horrors, done thrillers, action-adventure-y stuff, and Power Rangers which was martial arts and so much fun,” Kane gushes to ‘The Movie Blog.’ “Soap stuff. ‘Teen Wolf,’ which is a very stunt-focused action show. That was really fun. I really like doing diverse work. It’s just fun trying different things and see what I like best.”

'Teen Wolf' Who?

Kane was already guest starring on the coveted ‘Teen Wolf’ when she landed the role of Queen Mary Stuart on ‘Reign.’ “I didn’t know what was going to happen with ‘Teen Wolf,’” Kane tells ‘Collider.’ “I was only scheduled to do four episodes with them. We didn’t have a long-standing arrangement, so I thought I’d go out for pilot season.” Kane lucked out with her ‘Reign’ audition, and here we are today.

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