How to Recover from a Netflix Binge

The guilt, the withdrawal, the craving for more — Netflix binge hangovers are the worst. Hopefully this tried-and-tested guide we've compiled for you helps.

We’ve all been there. Maybe Netflix drops an entire season of ‘House of Cards’. Or maybe you’ve just discovered the magic that is ‘Bob’s Burgers’. Whatever your Netflix poison of choice, you’ve probably been binge-watching it all weekend. It’s now Sunday night and you’re reading this article in a desperate attempt to acclimate yourself to the real world again. Not to worry — we’ve got just the thing!

MONDAY: Tend to Your Hierarchy of Needs

Drink some water to recover from all those chips and popcorn you ate in bed. Take a long, hot shower. Feed yourself some substantial food that has actual nutritional value (put down those Twizzlers). Comb your hair and put on real pants (no boxers, please). Do whatever you need to do to feel like a functional human being again.

TUESDAY: Embrace Your Inner Fangirl

Just like with any addiction, you have to gently wean yourself off your vice with a good dose of moderation. Get yourself on Tumblr, YouTube, Reddit, or just plain old Google, and get ready to search and obsess. Find memes, backstage interviews, plot theories, fan fiction, drinking games — you name it. Give in to that craving and fangirl it up.

WEDNESDAY: Take a Break

We hope you got your fill of your fav show on Tuesday because you’re about to go cold turkey. You know what they say — you know you’re addicted when you can’t stop. So test the waters and just try to go a day without. And yes, that means without googling or watching anything to do with the show. Instead of examining the previous sentence for loopholes, try to actually cut yourself off. Go be a people person human thing. You may be surprised at the results.


For those of you over 21, remember those drinking games we’ve mentioned before? Trust me, there’s a drinking game out there for every show. In fact, there are hundreds of them for the more popular shows, like ‘Gossip Girl’ or ‘Game of Thrones’. Get some pals together and get cracking. Why is this our advice? Drinking games are enjoyable with other human creatures, and you need all the social interaction you can get, because this Friday….

FRIDAY: Rinse and Repeat

Have more of the show to watch? Want to re-watch? Or, dare we say it, ready to obsess over another TV show? Of course you are. So let’s not waste time and spend all day Friday acting like you’re not going planning on binge-watching ‘Suits’ all weekend. Instead, take the time to make the experience more enjoyable for you. Stock up on Ben & Jerry’s, soap, and (depending on the show) tissues and get ready to do it all again.

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