Grace VanderWaal Wows Judges with Original Song “Light The Sky” — ‘America’s Got Talent 2016’ – Semi-Finals

It’s the semi-finals on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and Grace VanderWaal, a 12-year-old singing sensation from New York, returned with a brand new original song “Light The Sky.”

Last week, Simon Cowell said that her voice sounded “croaky” and that “some of [her] notes were off,” but that’s what made her unique and special. Simon Cowell called Grace “perfectly imperfect.”

Grace VanderWaal said after her first performance of “I Don’t Know My Name” that it all seemed like a dream and that she thought she was “about to wake up.”

Simon Cowell predicted at one point that Grace VanderWaal is going to be the “next Taylor Swift.” But, last week, Howie Mandell flipped that around, saying she is going to be bigger than Taylor Swift, as well as “the biggest star to have ever been on ‘America’s Got Talent.’”

The judges’ responses this week were pretty short and quick, but it’s clear they are all rooting for her to win the competition. Simon Cowell said something that shines a lot of light on the music industry — “This is very simple, Grace… Everything’s worked because it’s come from you… The songs come from you, the lyrics come from you… I think you sing for a new generation.”

Here’s the performance in full:

It’s beautiful to see somebody being so genuine, and it’s refreshing to hear somebody sing about real-life experiences and struggles. During an interview with HollyWire, Grace VanderWaal said that she hopes to “help people understand that they aren’t alone.” It’s clear that being famous isn’t her main objective, but rather connecting with and helping people.

America will vote, and we believe that Grace VanderWaal has a strong chance at winning ‘America’s Got Talent.’

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