Gal Gadot Makes Her Debut on SNL (Videos)

Wonder Woman takes the SNL stage tonight. Spoilit has got you covered for THE BEST SNL watch party tonight.

This weekend Gal Gadot will be live on the SNL stage in her hosting debut. You can chat about it on The Spoilit Social TV app!  Follow the link to the SNL chat anytime: . The Spoilit app now supports live and OnDemand chat.

Gadot has enormous momentum following her huge DC Comics standalone-movie debut, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman grossed a world wide total of $821,113,943. Those are big numbers, and tonight is a big moment for Gadot. The SNL stage is pop-culture validation of A-List status.

Gadot has gone from the beauty-pageant circuit, to a supporting role in what seems to be an endless string of Fast & Furious movies, to starring as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was the best DC Comics movie since the Dark Knight franchise. Tonight we’ll see if Gadot can elevate SNL as she has elevated the the DC Comics movie franchise. We’re all hoping that Season 42:E2 of SNL is as good as Emmy-award-winning Season 41.

Last weekend faltered just a bit, but if this weekend’s teaser is any indication, Gadot is ready to hit the stage hard.

The NBC teasers for Season 42:E2 are mostly Justice League themed, and they are hilarious. NBC released a still photograph with the cast of SNL awkwardly dressed as Justice League characters, and the video promos are great as well. The Gal Gadot SNL promos are below.


Gal Gadot knows how to make an entrance!

Gal Gadot and Sam Smith Promo - As far as Keenan is concerned Gadot Cannot Compare to Smith

Gal Gadot discussing getting the role of wonder woman.

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