5 TV Reunions That Should Never Happen

Reunions can be a bittersweet thing, but these ones should definitively never happen.

With more and more nostalgia networks on cable devoted to vintage shows, and with classic TV series archived on Netflix and Hulu, there’s never been a greater demand for TV reunions. We’re forever hearing about which reunions should happen, but here are five that we think should absolutely never should.

1. ‘The Cosby Show’

Thankfully, Bill Cosby has already put the kibosh on a reunion for the ground-breaking 80’s family sitcom. But just in case he changes his mind, let’s not forget that we’ve already had a spin-off — the college sitcom ‘A Different World.’ Also, the last time the cast tried to reunite they came up with ‘Cosby,’ an uninspired remake of British sitcom ‘One Foot in the Grave.’ Also, Bill kind of has a past — in case you hadn’t heard.


2. ‘Seinfeld’

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld managed to get away with a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion by having it take place within the fictional universe of David’s’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ thus dodging the usual pitfalls like aging actors and outdated references. There was even another unofficial meet-up between George and Jerry in a Super Bowl halftime skit, which looked exactly like the kind of phoney reunion they were trying to avoid. The syndication of ‘Seinfeld’ also means that we’ve never been without the show since it went off the air, making a reunion as necessary as clarifying “Bozo” with ”The Clown.”


3. ‘Friends’

Having a reunion for a series that we think went on for too long in the first place is just adding insult to injury. So far, the ‘Friends’ cast have found inventive ways to quench the public’s thirst for a reunion of TV’s favorite party of six. They have appeared in each other’s shows (like Matthew Perry in Courtney Cox’s ‘Cougar Town’) and have referenced the hit sitcom in their new endeavors (check out Matt LeBlanc’s portrayal of himself as a post-Joey wash-up in Showtime’s ‘Episodes’). The fact that the cast of ‘Friends’ is all still in work should be deterrent enough, anyway.


4. ‘Cheers’

There are always rumors about a reunion of the Boston-based barroom sitcom, largely because all of the major cast members are still alive and doing good work. But that’s also reason enough to leave it alone. Ted Danson has developed so much as an actor in shows like ‘Damages’ and ‘Bored to Death’ that it might actually be a step back for him. Woody Harrelson has a successful movie career and John Ratzenberger (aka mailman Cliff Clavin) is one of Pixar’s most popular voices. Plus, the business of reunion has all been done, and done splendidly, in episodes of spin-off ‘Frasier.’


5. ‘Married with Children’

Strongly touted after the missed opportunity for a reunion when David Faustino guest-starred in ‘Modern Family’ but had no screen time with Ed O’Neill, the prospect is actually unthinkable. O’Neill has cemented himself as a more rounded sitcom father in ‘Modern Family,’ Katey Sagal can now only be thought of as a biker Lady Macbeth in ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ and Christina Applegate has become an essential component of the hit ‘Anchorman’ franchise. We might not even be able to accept them as the Bundys anymore. Everyone except Faustino has moved on to greener pastures… and better writing.