Our Favorite SNL Sketches From This Weekend

Will Ferrell killed it this weekend.

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Second, Will Ferrell returned to the SNL stage this past Saturday. It was one the best shows so far this season. In fact, since Colin Jost and Michael Che have taken over as co-head writers, the show has gotten much funnier. We have a few favorite sketches, and favorite Spoilit comments, from this week’s show. Here are our favorites sketches: (1) the reality show couple visiting their hometown (with their own brand of weight loss wine), (2) the fighter pilot codenamed “Clown Penis,” (2) the cold open where Ferrell reprises his George W. Bush impersonation, (4) the reality TV spoof where oversensitive men resolve emotional baggage at light speed, and finally (5) the dinner table convo about Aziz Ansari and sexual assault. SNL was great this week.

The reality stars with their own brand of weight loss wine.

A great comment from our SNL live chat.

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Fighter pilots are scrambled from the Korean Peninsula, and one of them has a seriously whacked out nickname

We'd like to see the list of names that he thought of, but did not choose.

George W. Bush returns to remind us that he was a terrible President

The reality show were all the drama is resolved in 10 seconds or less

Talking about sexual assault in a post "babe.net world."

One of our favorite comments in the Spoilit app from this sketch. Head to the app: http://m.spoilit.com/invite/EP000037101087

Head to the app: http://m.spoilit.com/invite/EP000037101087

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