Evan Peters Returns To ‘American Horror Story’ As A Gay Millionaire

Fans have been desperately waiting for Evan Peters to make his debut.

Since the season premiere of American Horror Story, the show has been been in complete mystery, with outrageous twists, scary monsters, and horrid death scenes.

More importantly, we the fans, have been desperately waiting for Evan Peters to make his debut on the show. We couldn’t be more thrilled, as the actor has finally made his long-anticipated return with many surprises and twists.

Here’s a photo from Peters’ Instagram page that he posted two days ago:

The caption reads: “Thanks to Murphy, Falchuk, and all 2.1 milli of you who made it possible for me to wear a powdered wig. Love you guys.”

Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, teased the reappearance of Evan Peters just before the Roanaoke’s fifth episode aired. He said on Twitter, “Evan Peters makes his season debut in tonight’s American Horror Story… And no, he’s not playing a producer.”

The 29-year-old actor is now playing Edward Phillipe Mott, a gay millionaire, also revealed to be an 18th century ancestor of Season 4’s Dandy Mott, played by Finn Wittrock.

A member of the post-Revolution upper crust, Mott moved from Philadelphia to Roanoke in search of sexual freedom. Peters’ character purchased the North Carolina land on which he built the season’s seedy mansion, making him the original owner of the Roanoke house.

Wednesday’s episode focused on Mott’s passions, which include art and “nipple rouging.” He also takes a fancy to one of his servants.

Frances Conroy also returned during the fifth episode. She played the mother of the Polk family, which guarded the island and helped make sure the Butcher and the colonists got their human sacrifice every year.

Episode 6’s promo teased that next week will be marked by the return of Season 5’s Cheyenne Jackson.

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