A Guy Replaced His Family Photos with Pics of Steve Buscemi and His Mom Didn’t Notice

I guess we watch TV and movie stars so much that they become like family.

Steve Buscemi is one of the coolest — and most recognizable — actors out there. In ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and in ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ his signature scowl scared the mess out of us. His eyes and personal intensity make him both hard to look away from and to watch all at the same time.

So, how could you not notice if he suddenly appeared in all your family photos? As a prank, Kevin Manion from Wisconsin replaced a bunch of pictures around the house with photos of Buscemi. It apparently took his mom days to notice.

His sister Clare shared this tweet and the whole thing went viral:


Steven V. Buscemi leering at us in a suit and tie.

Steven V. Buscemi staring at us with murderous eyes.

Steven V. Buscemi looking rather confused about his station in life.

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