Colleen Ballinger Becomes Miranda Sings For Interview for Jimmy Fallon

When Colleen Ballinger transforms into her character "Miranda Sings," the internet goes crazy.

Colleen Ballinger is an actress and internet sensation, most known for her Youtube character “Miranda Sings.” “Miranda Sings” is an awful singer, and actress, but she is outright hilarious. When Colleen transforms into Miranda Sings the internet goes crazy.

She has a few pointers for Jimmy and how he should run his show. Awesome.

Catch the clip right here:

Colleen Ballinger used to work at Disneyland as a singer in both the parades and stage shows. Because she had 6 shows to do, she sometimes let her character Miranda Sings come out during her act to break the monotony. It caused her some trouble at work…

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