Brilliant Facebook User Posts Amazing Theory About Last Night’s Best Picture Blunder

Apparently Moonlight-Gate Can be Explained Logically

Brilliant Facebook user posts epic theory about Last Nights Best Picture Blunder:

“Apparently what happened is that the PwC accounting firm that handles the envelopes has duplicates of all the envelopes and gives a set to 2 accountants standing at opposite ends of the stage to factor in whichever direction presenters come from.

As the presenters come from one side, the other accountant on the opposite side is supposed to discard or shuffle their envelope in sequence so both sides are synced up.

Leo came from one side to present best actress, called Emma stone and gave her the envelope which she kept but the accountant on the other side DID NOT discard/shuffle their envelope which is why when Warren and Faye came out on the opposite side than Leo, the envelopes were out of sequence and instead of giving the final envelope for best picture, they were given the previous envelope for best actress which wasn’t discarded/shuffled to the bottom of the sequence.” – 

Ibukun Okusanya


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