The Blue Marvel: The Coolest Superhero You’ve Never Heard of, Bar None

The Blue Marvel's origin story is freakin' awesome.

We are constantly on the lookout for stories that should be on TV, but aren’t… yet. Meet the Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear) of the Marvel Universe, a superhuman, engineer and physicist who fights with Tony Stark. Okay… Let’s geek out, right now!
The Blue Marvel‘s origin story is freakin’ awesome. As the Blue Marvel, Brashear wore a full face mask. His mask was damaged in battle, revealing his race. This caused massive controversy as the era of 1962 was too racist to accept a black superhero. What if this powerful superhuman intervened in the civil rights movement?
This story presents the issues raised by Batman vs Superman and Captain America, Civil War (namely, the question of whether superheroes are a threat to the government), but with an interesting historical twist.
Although President John Kennedy approved of Brashear, the President reluctantly asked Brashear to step down, and Brashear conceded. Brashear was emotionally devastated. Years later, with the world at risk from a powerful super villain, Tony Stark persuades Brashear to come out of retirement.
We know what you’re thinking… “Cool story, bro.” No, but for real, this is actually really cool. This story has everything — science & tech, critical-race theory, betrayal and, the most important element, Tony Stark.
If the Blue Marvel was ever picked up by ABC or turned into a movie by Disney, who should play Adam Brashear?
Will Smith? Wesley Snipes? Michael B. Jordan?

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