Blair Waldorf: Why We Love and Hate Her

Our relationship with Blair is totally bittersweet.

As the true star of ‘Gossip Girl,’ Blair was a breath of fresh air in the teen television landscape. Her “boy troubles” included fretting over choosing between romance or her career. Her brains and beauty were unparalleled, and she ruled the school, all the way from Constance Billard to Columbia University. Blair was shown tortured by her faults, not defined by them. She may have ruined Jenny’s life and wore one too many headbands, but a character as nuanced as her certainly deserves a Why We Love Her and Hate Her list.

Why We Love Her:

1. As Queen B, she was the best at keeping the troops in line.

2. All of her “B” remarks were sealed with the perfect, scheming smile.


3. The whole Blair and Chuck saga made ‘Gossip Girl’ worth watching (and got us through Seasons 5 and 6).

4. But the relationship between Blair and Serena came in a close second.

5. And she always had the best advice.
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Why We Hate Her:

1. What kind of high schooler has minions?

2. She had quite the hand in ruining little Jenny Humphrey’s life.

3.  She often took the B role beyond just snarky remarks.

4. She wore headbands well past the acceptable 2008-2009 trend.
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Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit she helped make some of the best reaction gifs known to man.