Best Fashion Moments from American Horror Story: Freak Show

#1 Powder Blue


Described by the costume designer herself as “a ‘40s version of a ‘70s suit,” this David Bowie-inspired number provided exactly the dated-glam vibe the Elsa Mars character encompassed (source).

#2 Dressing for Three

Desiree Dupree’s ‘triplets’ were probably one of the biggest costume challenges on set — but they sure managed to make them look good.

#3 Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose!

According to Entertainment Tonight, many pieces from past ‘American Horror Story’ seasons, like Coven, were repurposed into Freak Show. Namely, jewelry pieces Coven’s “Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) wore in season three” were “used on Emma [Robert]’s character Maggie in Freak Show,” (source).

#4 The Brando Cap

Clearly inspired by ’50s symbols like Marlon Brando and James Dean, Evan Peter’s Jimmy never looked better than he does wearing his cap and leaning on his bike.

#5 The Amazing Bearded Lady

While in most scenes Kathy Bates opted to show her real gray hairs, Ethel’s flashback scenes required some gorgeous red curls and fiery lipstick. To top it all off, an amazing shawl à la ‘30s Misty Day was thrown on.

#6 Star-Crossed Star

Elsa wanted the 1930’s glam movie-star lifestyle more than anything, but she still was living with amputated legs in the hot Florida heat in a dilapidated camp. Her long silk robes and nightgowns were always open and flowing, as she was forced to wear thick stockings to hide her faux toes.

#7 Bewitching Throwback

Who could forget the cuteness overload when Ma Petite donned another Coven motif: the tiniest witch hat. Happy Halloween, freaks!

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