Aria Montgomery: Her Top Looks From Pretty Little Liars

Let's review Aria Montgomery's Top 6 Looks on Pretty Little Liars!

Aria is one of those people who would constantly polarize Fashion Police judges — that is, if she was a celebrity and not a high schooler in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. One day she’ll be dressed like layered-up Mary-Kate Olsen, the next like a gothic Britney Spears. Let’s review Aria Montgomery’s Top 6 Looks on Pretty Little Liars!

Goth-Girl Chic
While the deep black and petticoat might scream gothic, Aria perfectly styled this sequins-covered dress with hardware, jewelry, bare legs and amazing sandals. Season 1 Aria’s school dance attire was top-notch, nuff said.

Metallics Masters
Any of the other Liars would pair that top with some dark skinny jeans. But Aria? Why not throw a cobalt blue metallic skirt and some over-the-knee socks on? In all honesty, if you’re brave enough to wear colored metallic, this outfit is perfect for an early-autumn night out!

The Right Way to Wear Skulls

Sometimes Arias skull-print obsession can be a little… abrasive. This semi-sheer tie-neck blouse is the perfect color and print to spice up a weekend day outfit, and the skulls are much more subtle than the usual Aria-bones.

Modern Schoolgirl
In comparison to Spencer Hastings schoolgirl look, Arias got it all figured out. Those pleated skirts need some color, some great graphic design, and buttons to spice it all up!

Skeletons n’ Bling

For those ready to take a casual Saturday night by storm, look no further than the goth, glitz and glam portion of Arias closet. A skeleton ribcage crop top over an iridescent gold top? If thats not fun to you, get a reality check.

Print Mixing

Work, home, out, and everywhere in between — a good print mix makes a world of difference. This time, Aria chose an ultra-flattering a-line and high halter-neck silhouette, letting all the attention go to her prints. How does her cheetah and star print combo actually work? We have no idea, but it’s pretty.