Alison DiLaurentis: Queen Bae of PLL Fashion (Her Top 6 Looks)

Let's take a look at Alison DiLaurentis's Top 6 Looks on Pretty Little Liars.

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Secondly, now that we know that the Pretty Little Liars spinoff “The Perfectionist” has been greenlit, let’s pay some tribute to one of our favorite PPL bad girls – Alison DiLaurentis. Alison DiLaurentis isn’t exactly Pretty Little Liars’ most realistic character. Adding on to her elusive and scheming nature is her unattainable style. (Seriously, did she hire a secret personal stylist when she was age thirteen or what?) Ali has always put effort into her looks, and she wants the world to know it. No such thing as natural beauty here folks: Alison is a supernatural force of nature. Here are 6 of her best looks.


Covert Skirt
If you haven’t been paying attention, Ali is actually the queen of the maxi skirt. Maxi dresses add depth and length to her looks, making Alison appear as though she much taller, slimmer, and older than she really is. It also makes us wonder, what’s she hiding under all that fabric? (Boardshorts? Red coat? Masks? Who can keep track?)

Pop of Color
While Alison has never strayed away from color, she certainly decided to make her first-day-back-to-school-after-being-murdered outfit pop. A hot pink blazer paired with a suspiciously on-trend cut-out, studded blouse makes us wonder: Did she have access to fashion blogs all those years in hiding? (The answer is yes.)

Right Foot Forward
Take a look at those knee high boots… take a look again. There are few outfits more apt for Rosewood’s autumn season than the coveted jean jacket and knee-high boots combo. Let’s be honest, Alison probably started that trend.

Down to Business
Alison holds a lot of mysterious midnight meetings. From abandon cabins to empty churches, Ali is no stranger to breaking and entering. She’s so confident she’ll get away with, well, anything and everything, she wears bright pink and blue beaded outfits. While that blazer is most definitely on fleek, we wonder how sustainable the Ali operation really is.

Sun-kissed Heartbreaker
Pay close attention, folks, for this is the outfit that has lured PLL men to their deaths. Whenever Ali pulls one of her hijinks like, say, seducing an over-aged man or skipping town, shes wearing a belted sundress. Not only that, but she’s perfectly accessorized — down to the hardware on her belt matching the leather on her watch. Take note!

Helen of Troy
If there was ever a face to launch 1000 ships, this would be it. Wearing an absolutely stunning designer dress, Alison DiLaurentis looks truly other-worldly. This dress gave Ali the confidence to cause all the drama in seasons four and five, and THIS is the reason were seeing more of Alison. Take a good look! We cannot wait to see her in The Perfectionist.