6 Reasons We Still Miss Harrison Wright

Harrison Wright might have been the only "gladiator in a suit" to have actually worn a suit.

When it comes to shocking deaths, Scandal may not be quite up to par with the macabre killing fest that is ‘Game of Thrones.’ Nonetheless, Shonda Rhimes action-packed show does come with its fair share of murder. And while presidents’ sons have been tragically poisoned and whistleblowing journalists have been assassinated, no collateral damage has ever been quite as heartbreaking as the Season 3 shocker of Harrison’s death. He was the most lovable gladiator to-date, and for that reason alone he’ll forever hold a special place in our hearts. Read on to find out all the reasons we still remember the legend that was Harrison Wright.

1. Loyalty Like This


2. Friendship Like This


3. Moves Like This


4. All Of This


5. Questions Like This


6. Charm Like This


RIP Harrison. We’ll never forget you. Thank you for all the good times. And for always reminding us of who we are.